Time will prolong time, and life will serve life.

/ Albert Camus /

In Memoriam of Prof. D. L. Romanowsky

     A memorial service was held on the 19th of February, at the 1st anniversary of death of prof. D. L. Romanowsky. The late belonged to those Russian people, virtues and merits of which we begin to appreciate only after their death. As a bacteriologist, D. L. was widely known in European scientific and medical circles due to his remarkable work on malaria and the stain method developed by him. A spirocheta pallidalues was discovered later only thanks to this method, as it was acknowledged in a private letter by prof. Rоиx. Besides, this method considerably facilitates a blood test performance. Placing great emphasis to the internal secretion, he as a talented doctor and attentive observer foresaw its disorders in many clinical cases. He chose the appropriate treatment and gave new life to and saved many people from teratism (thyreoidin at alopecia and so forth). Working in the laboratory, he used to say a single word that however contained a true revelation, the big scientific thought. He created a streamlined ptosis doctrine, but never published it as a result of his pure Russian negligence.  Last year, several dozens of report were devoted to this special scientific discipline in the Military Medical Academy. He was the kindest person and made a lot of good to poor sick people and to many comrade doctors that came to him without any advertising and self-display. For him you were not a Hellene or a Jew, he treated everybody equally humanly, friendly. He indefatigably worked all the week long, but on Fridays he welcomed his friends, and everyone who at least once visited him on one of those Fridays would never forget this generous and the most hospitable Russian nature. He died in Kislovodsk of angina pectoris, but in the memory of people who knew him well he will forever. May the earth rest lightly on you.

O. Fridlender.